Hi Friends! Thank you so much for checking out my site!

My name is Millie and I founded The Lucky Neko in 2016.

What is The Lucky Neko?

I wrote a sci-fi short story in 2016, titled The Lucky Neko. At it's core, it's about the power of kindness, empathy, compassion - Oh and it involves Cats...and some aliens too. I named this small handmade philanthropic business after that story.

Who am I?

Well, thank you for asking! :)   I’m a self-taught artist based in Northern New Jersey, just minutes away from NYC. 

I am a freelance Illustrator, Painter, Designer, Creator & Volunteer Photographer for FOWA Rescue. I've been doing art related commissions since my high school days. I am thankful that today I can combine both of my passions, Art & Cats, and have it make a difference. I've been a Rescue Volunteer for almost a decade. Three years ago, I began doing Rescue Photography. My mission in life to help support all like minded individuals and organizations who dedicate their lives to saving lives. I founded The Lucky Neko with a goal to create feline inspired art for a purpose. A percentage of all sales go to animal welfare charities.

Millie Wollney


Cat Dad, Photography Assistant, Art Director, Content Contributor

Gentle Giant, Bathroom monitor, Aggressive napper

Office manager, Paper Pusher (literally), Plant Stylist

The Baby. Currently, Mischief Incarnate.


7.14.2012 - 7.28.2018
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