Paw-rody Art Collection (Set of 10)

Paw-rody Art Collection (Set of 10)

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Set of 10 Stickers
Each sticker is approx 3 in.


This spring, we canceled caterwauling opera for an art exhibition. Meowdames and
meowssieurs, step into our gallery and behold The Lucky Neko’s Paw-rody Art Collection that reimagines the works of iconic dadaists, surrealists, street art and pop art masters!

We know you’ve been guessing what the world would look like had Andy Warhol, René Magritte or Banksy had feline models to strike a paws sitting for them.
Our collection of 10 iconic, smart and eye-pleasing stickers takes you behind the scenes of this world!

Go ahead and take art with you. Apply generously. Amaze unapologetically.

Psst! These kitties have no fear of water, and they LOVE tagging along with you on your hydro flask or any FLASK!

A set of 10 stickers featuring:
Cat Cans (Andy Warhol, Campbell Soup Cans)
Purrs In The Air (Banksy, Flower Thrower)
Tabbyphone (Francis Picabia, Optophone I)
R. Meow (Marcel Duchamp, Fountain)
Tabby With Balloon (Banksy, Girl With Balloon)
Purrmerica II (Maurizio Cattelan, America)
Nopawdy Likes Me (Iheart, Nobody Likes Me)
We The Cats (Keith Haring, We The Youth)
Son Of Cat (René Magritte, The Son Of Man)
Comeowdian (Maurizio Cattelan, Comedian)

Need some inspo? Use your Paw-rody stickers as:
- A moveable (eye) feast
- An instant customizer
- (A bit more than) a gift
- A fun way to teach art to kids
- A contribution to Animal Rescue*
*At least 10% of sales go to support Animal Rescue organizations

Adding value:
-Keep the reusable package – it’s uber-friendly to the environment and turns into an artsy picture frame for those appreciating witty allusions!

Paw-rody Art Collection (Set of 10) Image 2 Paw-rody Art Collection (Set of 10) Image 3 Paw-rody Art Collection (Set of 10) Image 4 Paw-rody Art Collection (Set of 10) Image 5
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